Market Analysis Dashboards

The Market Analysis Dashboards provide a high-level view of procurement activity, with detailed information about awarded lots, volume, and top players for buyers and Suppliers (winners).

The dashboards are organized around four main themes: overview, geographic distribution by volume, geographic distribution by number of lots, top players.

The Market analysis represents a set of dashboards that provides a comprehensive view of procurement activities in a specific market. It includes four dashboards:

  • Market analysis overview
  • Geographic Distribution by Volume in Euro
  • Geographic Distribution by Nr. of Lots
  • Top Players.

The Market analysis overview dashboard provides a general overview of the procurement market, including trends in awarded lots, volume in Euro over time, top sectors by volume in Euro, and number of tenders distribution over sectors and subcategories.

Additionally, this dashboard provides insights into the number of awarded lots by procedure type, lots distribution by territorial units, and amount Euro distribution by territorial units.

This set of dashboards focuses on the key players in the procurement market, including the top winners and buyers by the number of lots and the sum of lots cost. These dashboards also provides information on winners and buyers' distribution by territorial units, enabling users to identify key players in specific regions.

Overall, the "Market analysis" set of dashboards provides a comprehensive view of procurement activities, enabling users to make data-driven decisions and identify market trends.